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High-Quality Firearms and Services

Are you a hunter, sport shooter, or gun collector near Wichita Falls, Texas? Darter's Gunsmithing currently specializes in making AK-47s and AR-15s, but we are planning to begin production of high-quality double-barreled shotguns as well. All of the firearms we produce are safe, reliable, and created with the customer's preferences in mind.

Save money and get the product you're looking for when you come in and speak with our gun sales specialists. Our guns are all handcrafted in the United States, and every firearm we sell comes with the manufacturer's operating manual. We sell and repair firearms for responsible, considerate people who acknowledge and understand safe gun practices.

Ammunition for Every Make and Model

If you already have the perfect gun and just need to reload, we also carry and construct an assortment of different types of ammunition. Darter's Gunsmithing gets new products once a month, so our selection of ammo is constantly growing and changing. If we are unable to locate the types of bullets for a specific gun, we are willing to build our own brand of ammunition for you. We do carry some Winchester™, Weatherby™, and Hornady™ products, but our most popular choices are the ones that our customers can't find anywhere else.

The Types of Ammunition We Carry:

• .300 AAC Blackout
• .300 Savage
• 5.56 mm
• .223
• .380 ACP
• 9 mm
• .38 Special
• .224 Weatherby Magnum
• .270 Weatherby Magnum
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